Grace (working title)

– Feature – current project

“Helped by her friends, a shy teenager finds success in an underground art world, but is left struggling when treatment for her mental illness strips her of both her best friend and her creativity.”


Dead Sam Walking

– Feature

“When an anxious recluse agrees to take his cancer-fighting friend on one last adventure, he doesn’t bank on having his beliefs, loyalties and survival skills challenged when she falls fatally ill.”


Two Brothers

– Feature

“When two wholesome brothers inherit a strip club they must not only overcome their own prejudices to see it succeed, but also defend it when the upright community decides to drive it out of business.”


Two Damaged

– Feature

“After a line-of-duty incident puts him in a wheelchair, bitter war veteran Horse befriends a rough sixteen-year-old girl and is thrust into her world of sleaze and drugs. When she gets in over her head with a drug dealer, he must overcome his fears and disability if he hopes to save her.”


Soul Diaries

– Feature

“Feeling invisible to those around her a loner schoolgirl is inspired by a passionate teacher to speak out, only to find further alienation and ultimately betrayal.”


Key Story / How Not to Write a Novel

– Feature

“When a shy, love-struck bogan lies about being an author in an attempt to impress an assertive pastor’s daughter, he must transform his slovenly life when she unexpectedly believes him.”


Three Guys

– Short Film

“Brian, Will and Gary are great mates. Despite Will heading off to university, and Gary’s on-again-off-again relationships, it seems the three of them will always get together to drink beer and talk crap… until a tragic loss changes everything.”


The Hostel

– TV Pilot

“Excitable nerd Lex comes up with a get-rich-quick scheme to finally get his life out of the depressing run-down hostel where he lives, despite the havoc it causes other guests and staff.”


Some Holiday

– Feature