The most beautiful moment of pure humanity; when one finds joy through one’s heartbreak, when there is laughter through the tears.


I always loved writing, even as a child, so when I began playing around with short films, it was a short step for me to discover a passion for screenwriting.

I enjoy working with characters and situations that are relatable, as I believe we all share a common desire for acceptance, love and meaning.

I believe in hope.

Hope is important because dark days are universal. We all have them. I won’t belittle the human experience by pretending everything is always wonderful. But I do believe, if there is a glimmer of a chance that ‘wonder’ is there to be discovered, then isn’t it worth hanging on for, taking one more step?

I love when a movie truly touches you. When you cry with Juno. When you laugh and cheer for the family in Little Miss Sunshine.

Yes. I want to tell a good story. But more than that. I want to touch people’s hearts, touch their lives.

Kryz Woodhouse lives, works and writes in Launceston, Tasmania. When he’s not screenwriting he drives for the local metropolitan bus service. He is a keen traveller and kayaker.

In 2012 Kryz completed a One Year Online Screenwriting Program through the New York Film Academy.

In 2013 Kryz’s screenplay Two Damaged made the top 10% in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship.

In 2016 Kryz complete Karel Seger’s Immersion Screenwriting course.

Kryz’s latest screenplay, Dead Sam Walking, is currently a semi-finalist in We Screenplay Diverse Voices contest.