I was fourteen, in the middle of a department store, when I fell in love with the screen. Maybe it was because we didn’t have a TV at home, or maybe it was the music video playing on the many TVs, but I was bewitched. I wanted in.

Over the following ten years, I became homeless, was involved in seven car accidents, served in the Australian Army, and was then hospitalised in a psychiatric ward. However, I also began making fun videos with my friends, and by twenty-four I began video producing as a profession. I created local TVCs, corporate training videos, and also picked up various crew positions in big-budget commercials.

Increasingly, though, I wanted to write feature screenplays. I knew firsthand how movies, despite what was going on in real life, gave a brief oasis of hope, joy, inspiration, forgiveness or even releasing grief.

Since then, I have written several scripts. I completed a diploma in screenwriting through the New York Film Academy. I have co-hosted the local Screenmakers group for the last five years. I co-produced the short film Two Guys. And I am currently working with a director in Germany hoping to shoot my screenplay No Names in 2024.

Kryz Woodhouse lives in Launceston, Tasmania where he is a keen kayaker, bass player and traveller.

He works nights at a local homeless shelter.

Kryz’s scripts have been described as dark romantic comedies, with a focus on real-to-life people in dark situations searching for hope.

His screenplay Two Damaged:
Was 2nd runner-up in the 2023 Cynosure Screenwriting Awards.
Reached the top 10% in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship.
– Was shortlisted  (one of ten) in the Warner Bros. Pictures, Veerhuis Pictures, and The Black List Australian Script Writing Opportunity.

His screenplay Dead Sam Walking:
– Reached the top 15% in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship.
– Was a semi-finalist in the We Screenplay Diverse Voices contest.

In 2019 he co-produced Three Guys, a short film he also wrote. Three Guys was selected for the Launceston International Short Film Festival.

Kryz is also a keen sea kayaker, bass player, traveller and home renovator. His favourite pastime is reading and getting lost for hours in deep meandering thought.