Part Two: The Answer

So, Karel responded to my email and, with my permission, posted it on his blog.

Please read his full response here.

Here are some highlights (but, again, please do read Karel’s full response):

Because no two people come to screenwriting from the same background, with the same aspirations, [the question: Is it worth it?] means different things to different people.

Is your goal to pay off a debt, or improve your lifestyle in the short term from your earnings from creative writing? Quit now. Writing is a long game, with a low average income.

Is your goal to write exclusively for cinematic features? Quit now, unless you are extremely patient, and okay with the thought that this dream may never be fulfilled.

Do you want to earn a living from any kind of writing, be it for film, TV, webisodes, theatre, from copywriting, blogging, technical writing? Persist, and you will succeed. Many of my students are earning from writing for a range of platforms.

Screenwriting is not the only area in life where it seems you need to put in an inordinate amount of time and effort to gain anything. But the problem for many is the lack of tangible progress.

The rejection that screenwriters experience is not too different from that of real estate agents making cold-calls or door-knocking. When a real estate agent hits pay dirt, it can be big. When a screenwriter is successful, he can pay last month’s rent.

Sometimes it seems the effort is somewhat out of proportion with the results.

The ultimate goal for most writers is to be able to write for a living. This means that most of your day will be filled with exactly that: writing… So, instead of focusing on the material side of screenwriting, be aware that the biggest change in your life will be that you’ll be writing more.

And when you look at all the so-called sacrifices you are making, how many of those are really procrastination? Perhaps you should just be writing more. Because that’s how you improve. By practising.

In which case, the sacrifice is the same as the goal.

In other words, what you are doing now, is what you’ll be doing when you get there.

You already have what you want.


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