Here is a selection of my favourite scripts. Please feel free to contact me for more information or to discuss other projects.

Two Damaged

– Feature

“A bitter wheelchair-bound war veteran saves a troubled teenage girl from a street fight. However, when she becomes determined to help him re-engage with the living, he suddenly can’t get her out of his life.”

– Shortlisted in the Warner Bros Pictures, The Black List & Veerhuis Pictures Australian Script Writing Opportunity.
– Top 10% in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship.

Dead Sam Walking

– Feature

When an anxious recluse is invited on a one-last-time road trip by a terminally ill friend, his firm-set plans are challenged by her zest for life and ultimately pushes him to face his greatest fears.

– Semi Finalist in the WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Contest.


Yup, that is a camera recording a mug. (From an early short film titled “Cake”)

No Names

– Feature

“A career-driven artist just wants sex. One night. No names. No details. The last thing she needs is for the complete stranger she picks to start falling in love with her. That would go against everything she’s ever worked for.”


– Feature – early draft.

“The only way timid Grace was ever going to succeed in the art world was by the support of her best friend, but when, on the verge of success, she discovers her best friend isn’t real, her life becomes a bleak and art-less place without her.”


– Script development

“When a desperate fugitive randomly chooses the house of an agoraphobic recluse to hide in, he must pander to her love-starved attention or risk being discovered by the police.

Three Guys

– Short Film

“Brian, Will and Gary are great mates. Despite Will heading off to university, and Gary’s on-again-off-again relationships, it seems the three of them will always get together to drink beer and talk crap… until a tragic loss changes everything.”