Two damaged

– Feature (drama/comedy)

β€œA bitter wheelchair-bound war veteran is befriended by a troubled teenage girl. However, when she becomes indebted to a sleazy drug dealer, he must reawaken the war hero within if he hopes to save her.”

– 2nd runner-up in the 2023 Cynosure Screenwriting Awards.
– Shortlisted (top 10) in the Warner Bros Pictures, The Black List & Veerhuis Pictures Australian Script Writing Opportunity.
– Top 10% in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship.

Dead Sam Walking

– Feature (dark romantic comedy)

β€œAn anxious recluse, who believes he is dead, is invited on a one-last-time road trip by a terminally ill friend, forcing him to engage with the living.” 

– Semi-Finalist in the WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Contest.
– Top 15% in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship.

No Names

– Feature (dark romantic comedy)

“A closed-off artist and a stranger agree to a one-night stand, determined to share no details of their lives, but when everything starts going wrong, cracks start to appear in their resolve.

No Names Bar

– Quarter-Finalist in the 2023 Cynosure Screenwriting Awards.


– Feature (drama)

A timid young artist is emboldened to explore her creativity by her boisterous best friend. But when their actions become increasingly rebellious, she risks losing her art, her friendship and even her sanity.

Lady Bird meets Fight Club

– Semi-Finalist in the 2023 Cynosure Screenwriting Awards.

Currently writing


– Feature (dark romantic comedy)

“Chased by the police, single mother and armed robber Jessica hides in a random house, only to find it occupied by a house-bound recluse who desperately tries to make her stay.”