Here is a selection of my favourite scripts. Please feel free to contact me for more information or to discuss other projects.

Two Damaged

– Feature (dramatic comedy)

“A bitter wheelchair-bound war veteran and a troubled teenage girl become friends when they discover a common sense of hopelessness. However, when he discovers she is heading towards a life of prostitution, he must rediscover his old courage if he has any hope to save her.”

– Shortlisted in the Warner Bros Pictures, The Black List & Veerhuis Pictures Australian Script Writing Opportunity.
– Top 10% in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship.

No Names

No Names Bar

– Feature (dark romantic comedy)

“A closed-off artist tries to leave her old life behind without attachments, but when an anonymous one-night stand goes wrong, cracks appear in the protected painful memories that have isolated her.”

Dead Sam Walking

– Feature (dramatic comedy)

“An anxious recluse, who believes he is dead, is invited on a one-last-time road trip by a terminally ill friend, only to finer her zest for life threatens his safe and protected plan for existence.”

– Semi-Finalist in the WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Contest.

Yup, that is a camera recording a mug. (From an early short film, “Cake”)

Currently writing…


– Feature – early draft. (dark romantic comedy)

“After attempting an armed holdup, a single mother hides from the police in the home of a miserable recluse. Here she uncovers what she truly values in life, but it may be too late as the police begin closing in.”


– Feature – early draft. (dark dramatic comedy)

“A shy teenager finds success in a wild underground art scene but, when treated for a mental illness, she loses her creativity, forcing her to choose between her art and her sanity.”