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My top 5 albums/EPs from 2023

#5 – Solace by Iress

Genre: Doomgaze

Best answer to the question, “What is doomgaze?”

Some people have a resting bitch face. I feel I have a resting doomgaze soul.

If I had to describe what it sounds like in my head, being introverted and melancholic, Iress would come pretty close.

If you’re like me and can be at peace with feeling low, if slow and pensive moods often feel like home, then maybe the slow beauty of Solace may also resonate with you. This EP is haunting yet familiar, sad but beautiful and honest.

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There once was a man who had sticks for bones. They worked fine. He had to be a little cautious around fire. And yes, they weren’t quite as robust as bones, but they did their purpose well enough.

The only real problem was when his “bones” started to sprout. I mean, having leaves and buds growing inside one’s flesh. Yeah, a little awkward, to say the least.

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