“When an anxious recluse agrees to take his cancer-fighting friend on one last adventure, he doesn’t bank on having his beliefs, loyalties and survival skills challenged when she falls fatally ill.”

Sam believes he is dead. He doesn’t like people. He doesn’t like travelling. He doesn’t like life.

But then his online friend, River, invites him for one last adventure. Despite dying of cancer, she wants to take a road trip. How can Sam say no? She may be the only person who will really understand him.

Sam goes, believing their common interests will bond them, but their friendship struggles from the onset. Spontaneous River isn’t keen on being withheld by Sam’s fear of the unknown. Sam is frustrated by River’s wild abandonment in a potentially dangerous world.

It seems like a living hell for Sam, but then River’s sickness overcomes her, and Sam is suddenly confronted with the responsibility of getting her home before she dies.


DEAD SAM WALKING is an amazing script that will inspire and emotionally touch audiences… makes you think about life and what it really means to live… made me shed real tears…

– Judges feedback We Screenplay Diverse Voices Contest 2017