Years ago, when I was starting to write screenplays, I was recommended The Writers Journey by Christopher Vogler. This is a great book. Yes, I would recommend it… but perhaps not as a starting point. I struggled with it as a beginner – barely understanding. Reading it again, years later, was far more beneficial.

So, knowing what I know now, what books would I recommend to my newbie self? Probably these three…

Save the Cat – Blake Snyder

Okay, so Save the Cat has its fair share of detractors. The biggest complaint seems to be that it is simplistic and formulaic. However, I feel that this is its strength. It reinforces the need for strong basic structure. Something I feel every screenwriter should instinctively know. Do you have to follow it strictly? No. Should you be aware when you deviate from the basics, and be able to justify why? Yes.

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