This November, I am taking part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

Have I thrown away all hopes and dreams of screenwriting? No, it just feels healthy to mix it up a bit.

In Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic, she states that “What we make matters enormously, and it doesn’t matter at all.” In other words, I should take my writing very seriously. But also, don’t take it seriously at all.

Of late, my screenwriting has been focused on revising, polishing and preparing for contests and other opportunities – all pretty “serious” work. So, doing NaNoWriMo is a chance to write with no real seriousness. There is no major agenda or important result sought. For me, it’s just about getting back to the fun of storytelling.

Also, the story I hope to amateurishly novelise is based on an interaction I had way back when I worked as a driveway attendant. It’s a story I’ve attempted to write up as a screenplay treatment for a few times, and it has never quite come together right. So, maybe a roughly written novel will tease out the story instead.

Whatever happens, it should be kind of fun, and maybe there’s a screenplay still waiting to be developed from this idea.