Part one: Shooting the short film.

Earlier this year, I met director Shaun Hume and we got talking. As we each passionately discussed our own projects we became excited by the idea of doing a project together. I would be the writer, he would be the director, and we would both produce it.

The project we agreed on, was Three Guys.

“Brian, Will and Gary are great mates. Despite Will heading off to university, and Gary’s on-again-off-again relationships, it seems the three of them will always get together to drink beer and talk crap… until a tragic loss changes everything.”

We brought in local cinematographer, Yosh, and sound engineer/designer/recorder/editor/general all-round audio guru, Joseph, and set to work. After a few months of locating scouting, casting, fund-raising, rehearsing and all the administrative headaches that come with a production, we were ready to shoot.

Micah, Michael and Yossi in rehearsal.

Admittedly, I couldn’t help but feel a little anxious to see who Shaun had cast as the three guys, but, truth be told, I was completely blown away by the passion and commitment of the cast. Night after night, shooting in a cold shed, Michael L. Ballard, Yossi van den Berg, and Micah Westbrook brought outstanding performances.

Overall, the shoot was a fantastic experience. Despite the almost non-existent budget, everyone brought a high level of professionalism and good humour. I don’t know if any of us will ever hear the interrupting call-to-prayer bells of a nearby nunnery again without a flashback to those nights.