If I had a chance to say one thing to this world, it would be this:

Hang on.

Hang on and keep hangin’ on. No matter what happens, or what is going on in your life, there is always – ALWAYS – a glimmer of hope.

I remembered how, as a young man, I was so concerned about what I was going to do in life. Was I making the right choices? Is this the right thing to be doing? If I don’t do this thing, will I regret it later?

I wish I could tell my younger self: Hey. In the infinite scheme of everything, nothing is really that big a deal – at least not worth the great stress and anxiety you’re putting yourself through. Look at the opportunity around you. Don’t waste it. Don’t waste your days over-examining and being fearful of things that, most likely, will never happen. Go. Live.

Life is a lot less serious than any of us think.

For this reason, I love writing about real-to-life characters who are going through relatable struggles, and who find the little moments of hope that get them through their day.

In my work, I like to explore questions that relate to us all: What does it mean to live? Are we making the most out of the life we have? Why do we sometimes cry in our laughter and smile in our pain?

After all, everyone has a story. Every person we pass on the street, stand behind in line and sit next to on the bus; they are all engaged in the deep and personal saga of their own lives.  

So, I’m not going to belittle the human experience by pretending everything is always wonderful. Dark days are universal. We all have them. But, if there is a slight chance that something wonderful is still there to be discovered, isn’t that worth hanging on for? For one more day? For one more step?

Sometimes all we need is a little hope.

Kryz Woodhouse

 *Excerpt from a recent proposal document.