So, you’ve written something wonderful, but now you’re scared that someone else will ruin it?

We’ve all heard horror stories of projects that were destroyed by a scam, turned into a disaster by an incompetent production team, or got bogged down in pedantic red-tape until they drowned. Could that happen to you? Could your beloved, wonderful project end up being ruined, cheated, abused or squashed?

Well, yes. Yes, it could.

Of course, you don’t want it to happen. You want your project to blossom and grow; ever improving and growing stronger and better. So you keep it safe. You keep it secure and hidden away. Promising yourself that you won’t risk nudging it out there until everything looks, feels and sounds completely right and perfect.

But what if that day never comes? Are you going to sit in the dark, cuddling your project to yourself, hissing at anybody who comes too close?

Your project is so good you don’t want to ruin it. But just perhaps, what you’re really saying is, you don’t want to risk losing it because you fear it may be the best, perhaps only, thing you’ll ever make.

Walking Tree Screenwriting.

It’s mine!

I know the feeling. I’ve written scripts and, by the end, I’m utterly convinced it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. In fact, it seems so good that I’m not sure what to work on next as nothing new seems anywhere near as engaging.

However, once you’ve written a few scripts, you’ll remember that you’ve felt this way before. I feel this way with nearly every piece I finish. So, I have to recognise that, no matter how great I feel this last project is, chances are, if I keep moving forward, I’ll feel this way again about my next piece.

The thing about creative projects is that you are always capable of making more. Many more. And not only can you make more, but you can make them better.

And so, yes. Yes, you might push the best thing you’ve ever created out there and see it fall on its face. But if that happens, trust in yourself. Trust you can do it again. Trust you can do it better.

I’m not saying throw your projects away or be frivolous with them, but what I am saying is, if you’re truly creative then you will continue to make great things over and over. Don’t be foolish, but also don’t be scared. Trust that if everything turns to shit, then you can brush yourself off, be proud for trying, and return to square one, totally capable of creating something great, something better, all over again.

And who knows, maybe it won’t turn to shit, and something amazing might happen. Do you really want to miss that?